Catxies World is a platform that integrates NFT games, NFT collectibles and decentralized farms. By joining the world of Catxies, you not only have fun but also have the opportunity to make a lot of money by farming materials, crafting items and minting NFTs to sell on our Marketplace.




Our Launch Phase

Progress to launch the first raffle
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We work with the desire to create a world where people can have fun while earning NFTs, socialize and meet new people.

The play 2 own model

When you play Catxies World you will earn in-game currency called Cat Coins, these coins will have multiple functions in the game such as upgrades, repair items and more.

You can use the Cat Coins to mint a random Game NFT! A Loot chest that contain items of different rarity and traits that will help you in-game.

Got a rare NFT? lucky you! if you wish you can keep it and use it or you can also sell it in Catxies World marketplace.

As you can see, play-to-own model relies on your skill as a player and an entrepreneur rather than how much money you can dump in the game!

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Our Partners

Catxies World is teaming up with some of the greatest DeFi and NFT platforms, Ventures and Investors to provide a strong project and a safe environment to Invest and have Fun.
The Cheapest and Fastest Cross-Chain Bridge, Powered by a Multi-Chain Liquidity Protocol.

Catxies in the News

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