Catxies World is a platform that integrates NFT games, NFT collectibles and decentralized farms. By joining the world of Catxies, you not only have fun but also have the opportunity to make a lot of money by farming materials, crafting items and minting NFTs to sell on our Marketplace.




Our Launch Phase

Progress to launch the first raffle
Raffle 56%
  1. April 15th, 2023

    NFT - Raffles event!

    We will launch the first collection of Catxies 2.0 with a total supply of 10.000 NFTs, each 1000 sales will trigger 5 raffles between NFT holders, with a main prize of 6 ETH and 4 more of 1 ETH each. Mint price is 0.07 ETH

  2. August, 2023

    CWC Token - ICO

    Catxies World Coin (CWC) is a governance token; it will give you vote on all the Catxies World decisions, it can’t be earned from the game but it can be acquired through exchanges and private sales. Be part of the development! Holders will have the right to vote Yes or No on Catxies World Development and funds decisions, the game is build for the community and also ruled by the community. 10% of the sales from the NFTs will go directly to the token capital along with fees collected from Catxies Game.

  3. December, 2023

    Catxies World - The game

    Catxies World has multiple game modes like farming, survival, adventure and more to be released. The fun is endless! Some of the game modes will give you the chance to earn Cat coins; those coins can be used to buy items from other players, mint new ingame NFT, improve your house, get valuables and much more. Destroy monsters on the field to earn rewards and experience; work together with friends and multiply your chance of rewards!

We work with the desire to create a world where people can have fun while earning NFTs, socialize and meet new people.

The play 2 own model

When you play Catxies World you will earn in-game currency called Cat Coins, these coins will have multiple functions in the game such as upgrades, repair items and more.

You can use the Cat Coins to mint a random Game NFT! A Loot chest that contain items of different rarity and traits that will help you in-game.

Got a rare NFT? lucky you! if you wish you can keep it and use it or you can also sell it in Catxies World marketplace.

As you can see, play-to-own model relies on your skill as a player and an entrepreneur rather than how much money you can dump in the game!

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Our Partners

Catxies World is teaming up with some of the greatest DeFi and NFT platforms, Ventures and Investors to provide a strong project and a safe environment to Invest and have Fun.
The Cheapest and Fastest Cross-Chain Bridge, Powered by a Multi-Chain Liquidity Protocol.

Catxies in the News

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Sales are Paused until the voting is over.

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